5 Traits of Best Performing Websites – Learn to Increase Online Sales

Best performing websites are basically those platforms which gross maximum user attention & never fail to convert visitors into ultimate buyers. There are few tips, trends & techniques that work behind a successful online business. Learn what make websites work & what are the best traits of well performing websites apart?

* Convincing Copy

Copy empowers your website to generate sales. By convincing, we mean that your content must have great compelling power. If you want to own a profit making website then try to add credibility to what you tell your visitors. Including customers remarks, adding videos for testimonials etc. are few techniques that can build trust in new visitors. What matters is how well you can convey it.

* Promotional Pop Ups

This is one of the latest Web design trends that most of the online sellers have started reusing lately. Pop up promotions are the small boxes that promote special offer or some information. Giving an option to close the window is a must if you want to make the best of it. Those who want to explore more will click on it but users who are not interested must not move away too. For them, it’s important to give a ‘cross’ or ‘no thanks’ alternatives.

* Engaging Top Fold

80% of visitors judge above the fold & make an opinion about a site. You would see most for the sites that you stop at have a clear, communicative & attractive top fold. It does not talk too much about too many things. Offer information on what a user must be looking for instead of asking them to buy. Best websites have this feature and succeed in leaving an impression on visitors mind.

Check Examples of Best Performing Websites

* Image Power

Images talk more than words, so don’t add them without a purpose & decide sagaciously what to show where and how. Images are first thing that visitors notice, so you can use them as sales tool. A decisive approach towards product display is what makes a good website.

* Conversion Optimized Platform

All the best-selling websites have a well-defined conversion process. They do not confuse a visitor with aimless headlines & too many CTAs (buttons). If you want to increase your online sales then focus on your website’s checkout process. Test each element & try to add value to it.

Get a Website that can Interest, Engage & Convert Visitors

See Various Costs

Mentioned here are the topmost requirements of a profit-making website but to make it fit for a target group, a website is customized on the basis of few strategies & goals.

Consult Web design & development Expert, Ably Soft, if you want to know how a website can perform better. Discuss your problems with Conversion Experts to know what keeps you away from desired results.


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