7 Usability Metrics that define the Success Rate of your Website


It depends on many factors how a technical expert classifies good or bad website based on its usability status. Basically, the idea is to check how easily the users can browse a website.

How would you rate your Website Usability out of ten?

We come across many websites that believe they are doing pretty well on usability grounds but still they struggle to meet their business goals. Such websites are found to be lacking on elementary levels when checked by website analysts and fail to please the visitors.


Follow this checklist of usability metrics to decide where your site stands:

  1. Page Load Time

How quickly your web pages load and serve the purpose of a visitor matters a lot in making him interested in your site. Users expect to fetch information within few seconds of every click whether it’s a video, contact form or product details. If your website fails to offer quickness, it may fail to engage users too.

  1. Navigation

A good navigation is one that does not let users think much about where to go. It must be intuitive so that visitors can easily find all the important sections of a website. This leads to better decision making.

  1. Search Options

Do you offer easy search option to visitors? It must be easily noticeable and have space at least for 25 characters. Although it is essential to offer convenient search box on any page wherever advanced search is required (like blog section) yet it has utmost value for an online store to make product search easy. It may be frustrating for users, if your search bar is not noticeable or fails to handle long tail semantics.

  1. Above the Fold area

This is the area where a user pays most of his attention right after reaching a website. If your top fold does not solve his purpose, he may not like to scroll down. Having a clear and actionable above-the-fold can win 80% of users’ trust instantly. Your above the fold section should clearly handle the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) part for visitors to engage them.


  1. Conversion Funnel

First thing that decides the strength of your conversion funnel is a Call to action. Improper or abundant CTAs reduce your chances to convert a visitor into lead or buyer. A CTA must consist of a strong statement and a well designed button to prompt the visitor to take action (click). Second element that states weakness of a website’s conversion funnel is the inclusion of unnecessary steps. Users do not like to take much pain once they have decided to buy. Your conversion rate cannot go up if you are asking for more information or trying to force any information on them after they click on ‘action button’. 3-4 easy steps are enough for a smart conversion funnel to convert visitors.

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  1. Links

Not just the placement but the color of a website’s links too matter. Usually we notice blue color for links on a page but that’s not a compulsory thing. The prime motive of color & position is to make the links descriptive. If your links stand out on a page they can easily be sited too.

  1. Page Layout

Do you have a different layout for every page? Irregular layout scheme kills uniformity and brings down the usability score of a website. Things like navigation bar, color scheme, typography should be treated unvaryingly to avoid confusion in users.

All the above said elements contribute to website usability equally. So, the businesses meant to meet the business goals while delivering client satisfaction cannot afford to miss any of these standards. Meeting user requirements is the topmost goal of a website and to accomplish this, it has to be perfect from users’ point of view. As design development expert, Ably Soft follows this rule of thumb and specializes in making websites fit for businesses as well as their target audience.

Is your website not performing up to your expectations despite of a good looking design?

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Tell us what other problems you face in improving your website performance. Our team will respond to your queries with the needful solutions. If you have something else to add to this post, you can share your opinions below in comments.


Custom Website design packages To Improve Your Business Potential

Custom Website design packages offer you the choice to create a site according to your individual requirements. With a custom web design plan , you can get everything designed uniquely whether it is a logo, contact form or banners. It will help your target customers to find a difference in your business.

AblySoft makes the customization process entirely different by following these steps:.

• Discussion with client about the business

• Extensive research on the requirements and competition

• Planning the design on the basis of discussion & research done

• Creating the website Wireframe

• Designing the actual site and developing the user interface

• Testing the website for errors

• Offering technical support (Free for 1 year)

With AblySoft web design team your business gets the freedom to explore all the possible ways that can make your business website different from your competitors. Our web design packages offer variety to meet the various demands of small medium and large sized businesses. We follow a unique design approach for different businesses like travel, hospitality, entertainment, education etc. to make it fit for the target audience. Not just the industries experts but the clients we have worked for also admire AblySoft for the smart design ability.

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Web Design Company goofing up on these basics can never help your business

Every web design company has its own ways to conceptualize and create a website but few norms are fixed and unavoidable. Meeting them is a necessity for every online business and missing them is a loss.

Most of the redesign projects that we get to work on usually lack on common grounds. Web designers tend to work a lot on creating uniqueness and so lose on the customary elements of a business website.

The most common shortcomings of a bad performing website, as per our experience:

1. Loading time of webpages is one the major issues that is ill-treated and so destructs visitors’ interest in a website. Both, too slow and too fast loading speed is risky for a business as one disappoints users and other search engines.

2. Lack of responsiveness is another problem that many of top web design companies tend to overlook at times. They work more enthusiastically on integrating web apps, plugins & making it more attractive. The more you complicate a web design the harder it gets to fit in all devices and if you miss making it responsive you lose great measure of buyers (mobile & smartphone users).

3. Adding SEO perspective is necessary while creating website to make it searchable. Right use of tags and following Google guidelines is utterly important but if your website designers have missed implementing that then you have got to pull back.

4. Needless scrolling that puts off users interest and dissolves engagement is the most common thing these days. It’s not necessary to offer long pages every time as users find it tiring at times to scroll for each little thing. Appropriateness of content that you wish to put on a page defines how long it may be.

It’s not all but there are many such concerns which online marketers face time & again due to ignorance of web design companies. If you want to save your business from aforesaid errors then look for an agency that has experience in dealing with all spheres of a website (SEO, conversion, UX, marketing etc.) Only a complete web solution provider can give pleasing, usable as well as business focused website.

Being known for versatility in website development, Ably Soft proposes you to go for a website analysis or expert consultation for fixing issues that may be dropping your sales without your knowledge.

Don’t miss the chance to woo visitors – Choose ‘Smart’ instead of ‘top’ web Designers

5 Traits of Best Performing Websites – Learn to Increase Online Sales

Best performing websites are basically those platforms which gross maximum user attention & never fail to convert visitors into ultimate buyers. There are few tips, trends & techniques that work behind a successful online business. Learn what make websites work & what are the best traits of well performing websites apart?

* Convincing Copy

Copy empowers your website to generate sales. By convincing, we mean that your content must have great compelling power. If you want to own a profit making website then try to add credibility to what you tell your visitors. Including customers remarks, adding videos for testimonials etc. are few techniques that can build trust in new visitors. What matters is how well you can convey it.

* Promotional Pop Ups

This is one of the latest Web design trends that most of the online sellers have started reusing lately. Pop up promotions are the small boxes that promote special offer or some information. Giving an option to close the window is a must if you want to make the best of it. Those who want to explore more will click on it but users who are not interested must not move away too. For them, it’s important to give a ‘cross’ or ‘no thanks’ alternatives.

* Engaging Top Fold

80% of visitors judge above the fold & make an opinion about a site. You would see most for the sites that you stop at have a clear, communicative & attractive top fold. It does not talk too much about too many things. Offer information on what a user must be looking for instead of asking them to buy. Best websites have this feature and succeed in leaving an impression on visitors mind.

Check Examples of Best Performing Websites

* Image Power

Images talk more than words, so don’t add them without a purpose & decide sagaciously what to show where and how. Images are first thing that visitors notice, so you can use them as sales tool. A decisive approach towards product display is what makes a good website.

* Conversion Optimized Platform

All the best-selling websites have a well-defined conversion process. They do not confuse a visitor with aimless headlines & too many CTAs (buttons). If you want to increase your online sales then focus on your website’s checkout process. Test each element & try to add value to it.

Get a Website that can Interest, Engage & Convert Visitors

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Mentioned here are the topmost requirements of a profit-making website but to make it fit for a target group, a website is customized on the basis of few strategies & goals.

Consult Web design & development Expert, Ably Soft, if you want to know how a website can perform better. Discuss your problems with Conversion Experts to know what keeps you away from desired results.

Small Business Website Design Builder – Free or paid, which one is better?

Choosing a small business website design builder that’s free is not wise if you are doing it to save your cost. Focusing on cost can spoil your business goal, so compare both options viz. free & paid before making a choice.


Ask yourself why you need a website and what’s your motive? Is it sales, or online presence? Get answers to these questions and then check if free website design builders can meet your requirement without charging you for it.

Here are the famous Website design builders for small business websites:

Many people pick free website design builders for small businesses as an easy option to start but regret later due to their limited functionality. They do not know that free website design tools also charge you if you try getting better features, so it finally cost you as much as any professional company would charge for its services.

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To grow your business you need a website that is liked by visitors and can convert them too. A free tool fails to offer custom design and lacks SEO friendliness.

Why Custom treatment is must for Small Business Websites? 

Custom Web designs are not meant for big websites only.  A small website too has a purpose and need user-engaging features, even if you have as less as 5 pages on your website.

How much a Custom Web Design costs Small Businesses? 

It does not cost high. Small business websites have limited page requirements thus the final cost of web design can be as low as $450.

A custom web design with 10 pages can be made for $1000

Check package

You can Request a Quote also if you have other requirements. We will discuss it with you and offer a quote according to your website needs.

Best website design companies for small business – Qualities to look for

Whenever you look for the Best website design companies for small business, compare their individual traits before finalizing one. Here are few of the most essential qualities of leading website design companies:

1.  They Meet deadlines

Taking up a project and delivering it in promised time is something that only few professional companies can offer you. The most interesting thing is that they do it without committing any website blunders.

 2.  Offer Free Services

Supposedly a good web design company has extensive range of services and it offers few of them free of cost too. For example, you would rarely see a company offering free website analysis, until it can offer pertaining solutions too.

3.   Excellent Work history

Experience & Portfolio are the two things that you cannot miss to check. How creatively it handles various projects and how long it has been there in web design business are two important things to observe in a portfolio. Here is a specimen that will help you examine how well a company can treat a business like you.

4.   Have the best talent

Creatively inspired designers & technically skilled developers  is a combination that is must for a business focused website. Best web design companies make sure that they recruit best talent for deliveringfinest work.

5.   Affordable cost

Since small businesses have a limited scale of business, the affordability too is one of the major qualities that you must look for. Do not trust a company that offers cheapest rates but try to get one that gives all needed solution without charging too much for them.

Check Affordable packages for small businesses

If you find it difficult to access a company that owns all 5 qualities mentioned above, then explore Ably Soft. It is one of the Best website design companies for small business websites. After 10 years of rich experience in web design industry, it is named among the most innovative and reliable service providers. Admired for it affordable web design solutions, it has delivered best work to clients from all over world.

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Web design & development Support- A blend of creativity and technical superiority

Creativity adds uniqueness to a website while technical brilliance makes it sustain. Therefore, a web design and development support needs to be such that can offer you both in equal measures.

Thousands of websites are made live every day and many more stay in the pipeline. This rush of websites creates a stiff competition on web due to which many of them do not even reach the users. There can be several factors that affect the online presence of your website but the most common of them are poor usability, low functionality and lack of SEO friendly features etc.


To ensure that a website meets all the requirements that make a business sell, one has to start from the very first phase of design. Ably Soft maintains this rule and guarantees a sale optimized platform. Being in web development for last 10 years, the company has gained noticeable experience in treating different online businesses with its versatility.

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You can Discuss with Consultants about anything related to this post and get solutions to your queries.

Website Blunders that Top Web Designers never make

Committing website blunders is out of question, if you have hired the top web designers in the industry. The biggest error that is made these days while creating a new site is the use of same tricks, tools and ideas for each new project. Top web Design Company will never make such a mistake as it owns the experience of designing for diverse projects.

Here are few other blunders that can be avoided with best web designers:

1. Unreasonable use of Stock photos

Using stock photography is the part and parcel of a designer’s job but repetitive use of old stock photography is distasteful.  There should be a reasonable use of stock pictures and whenever possible images must be creativity designed according to the project. It lends distinct visual appeal and sets your website apart.

2. Mess up the information architecture

The trend of directly approaching to designing without wireframing can mess up the website’s content flow and information architecture. Top Web Designers go without cluttering the page with unplanned elements, misplaced content and social network links.

3.  Unimpressive call to action

Unprofessional website developers seem to have no familiarity with the marketing objective of keeping descriptive call-to-actions on a page. Everything has a purpose to solve whether it is the color, size, placement or content of a call to action, which gets defeated if not planned carefully. Including excessive CTAs can also prove a blunder because it confuses and disinterests consumers.

Hence, you need to be cautious while choosing a web designer. Hiring a professional web design company can save you from the mistakes that amateurs do. Professional designers are well-versed with the business objectives of a website and so design it as per the target audience and individual goals.

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What is the cost of hiring a professional web design company?

The cost of hiring a professional web design company varies according to the company’s experience & expertise of its designers. The overtly high packages that many firms offer on behalf of big statures are not always reliable. So, you need be aware of the justified cost and packages that one requires to pay for creating a web design.

Before we tell you more about the various packages to create your business site, let us discuss first about website requirements, which a business needs in order to deliver unique user experience. There are few design principles that your website must follow because this is what a company charges you for.


  • Design according to specific business requirement
  • Create a design that appeals to visitors in first look
  • Offer intuitiveness to guide their actions
  • Use understandable graphics
  • Create emotive visual appeal by using white space appropriately 

You may find packages as low as $700 and as high as $7000. But just the price does not justify the expertise of your design company. The quoted price depends on your requirement as how many pages your website requires or how much functionality you need to have in it.

Want to know the costing scheme of small, medium and large website?

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Ably Soft is acclaimed with most flexible web design packages that are flexible and all-inclusive. For startups we have special packages that offer affordable solutions to kick start their business. Most of our projects developed for the budding entrepreneurs have turned into big online businesses today.

Being a professional web Design Company since last 10 years, we cater to the website requirements of every industry.  Our services are recommended by experts for being justifiably priced and uniquely qualitative.  Contact our team if you want a website that attracts more traffic and draws maximum profits.

Spend on the best Website design Company of India for unique user experience

A website that fails to offer appropriate user experience cannot succeed in gaining enough of visitors’ attention too, as they won’t stay there for long. The best website design company India is one, which understands your target audience and develops a website that engages them.

Your sales are ultimately dependent on how your business is marketed through a website. For maximizing online conversions, you don’t need just a website but a business model that invites user interest and serve their purpose.

Ably Soft is trusted worldwide for Creating, Developing and Marketing websites UNIQUELY

There are unlimited benefits of offering great user experience to visitors. Instead of switching to another seller, they tend to explore your products and services. Your business rivals too, get a tough competition and the conversion rate goes up. Other than this, a user rich website:

  • Engages customers
  • Makes you look unique
  • Adds to your brand visibility
  • Draws expected results

If you lack ideas to present it uniquely, you may lack the appeal to persuade your visitors too. The traffic that you may be receiving from search engines or marketing efforts will bounce back on a greater rate and you may lose your profits.

Ably Soft, the best web design company India offers intuitive websites that are easy to use and have tremendous appeal. Our focus is to create platforms that users love to visit and like to come back time and again. We have developed many Online brands by making them unique in their industry and tailoring according to their market standards. 

See the websites that opened as small business but grew into big business identities

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Ably Soft focuses on research and analysis to customize an online platform as per its individual business goals.  We offer A-grade functionality at affordable cost and that makes us the reliable partner of many big and small businesses around the world.

Ably Soft has a 9+ years of successful history of creating the best-selling websites. We take this as a challenge and center our activities on helping businesses take their first step wisely and mature further. Our business solutions are combined with technical brilliance and creative skills that one needs to become a brand.

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