Website Blunders that Top Web Designers never make

Committing website blunders is out of question, if you have hired the top web designers in the industry. The biggest error that is made these days while creating a new site is the use of same tricks, tools and ideas for each new project. Top web Design Company will never make such a mistake as it owns the experience of designing for diverse projects.

Here are few other blunders that can be avoided with best web designers:

1. Unreasonable use of Stock photos

Using stock photography is the part and parcel of a designer’s job but repetitive use of old stock photography is distasteful.  There should be a reasonable use of stock pictures and whenever possible images must be creativity designed according to the project. It lends distinct visual appeal and sets your website apart.

2. Mess up the information architecture

The trend of directly approaching to designing without wireframing can mess up the website’s content flow and information architecture. Top Web Designers go without cluttering the page with unplanned elements, misplaced content and social network links.

3.  Unimpressive call to action

Unprofessional website developers seem to have no familiarity with the marketing objective of keeping descriptive call-to-actions on a page. Everything has a purpose to solve whether it is the color, size, placement or content of a call to action, which gets defeated if not planned carefully. Including excessive CTAs can also prove a blunder because it confuses and disinterests consumers.

Hence, you need to be cautious while choosing a web designer. Hiring a professional web design company can save you from the mistakes that amateurs do. Professional designers are well-versed with the business objectives of a website and so design it as per the target audience and individual goals.

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