7 Usability Metrics that define the Success Rate of your Website


It depends on many factors how a technical expert classifies good or bad website based on its usability status. Basically, the idea is to check how easily the users can browse a website.

How would you rate your Website Usability out of ten?

We come across many websites that believe they are doing pretty well on usability grounds but still they struggle to meet their business goals. Such websites are found to be lacking on elementary levels when checked by website analysts and fail to please the visitors.


Follow this checklist of usability metrics to decide where your site stands:

  1. Page Load Time

How quickly your web pages load and serve the purpose of a visitor matters a lot in making him interested in your site. Users expect to fetch information within few seconds of every click whether it’s a video, contact form or product details. If your website fails to offer quickness, it may fail to engage users too.

  1. Navigation

A good navigation is one that does not let users think much about where to go. It must be intuitive so that visitors can easily find all the important sections of a website. This leads to better decision making.

  1. Search Options

Do you offer easy search option to visitors? It must be easily noticeable and have space at least for 25 characters. Although it is essential to offer convenient search box on any page wherever advanced search is required (like blog section) yet it has utmost value for an online store to make product search easy. It may be frustrating for users, if your search bar is not noticeable or fails to handle long tail semantics.

  1. Above the Fold area

This is the area where a user pays most of his attention right after reaching a website. If your top fold does not solve his purpose, he may not like to scroll down. Having a clear and actionable above-the-fold can win 80% of users’ trust instantly. Your above the fold section should clearly handle the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) part for visitors to engage them.


  1. Conversion Funnel

First thing that decides the strength of your conversion funnel is a Call to action. Improper or abundant CTAs reduce your chances to convert a visitor into lead or buyer. A CTA must consist of a strong statement and a well designed button to prompt the visitor to take action (click). Second element that states weakness of a website’s conversion funnel is the inclusion of unnecessary steps. Users do not like to take much pain once they have decided to buy. Your conversion rate cannot go up if you are asking for more information or trying to force any information on them after they click on ‘action button’. 3-4 easy steps are enough for a smart conversion funnel to convert visitors.

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  1. Links

Not just the placement but the color of a website’s links too matter. Usually we notice blue color for links on a page but that’s not a compulsory thing. The prime motive of color & position is to make the links descriptive. If your links stand out on a page they can easily be sited too.

  1. Page Layout

Do you have a different layout for every page? Irregular layout scheme kills uniformity and brings down the usability score of a website. Things like navigation bar, color scheme, typography should be treated unvaryingly to avoid confusion in users.

All the above said elements contribute to website usability equally. So, the businesses meant to meet the business goals while delivering client satisfaction cannot afford to miss any of these standards. Meeting user requirements is the topmost goal of a website and to accomplish this, it has to be perfect from users’ point of view. As design development expert, Ably Soft follows this rule of thumb and specializes in making websites fit for businesses as well as their target audience.

Is your website not performing up to your expectations despite of a good looking design?

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Tell us what other problems you face in improving your website performance. Our team will respond to your queries with the needful solutions. If you have something else to add to this post, you can share your opinions below in comments.


AblySoft – Designing With Tablet Users in Mind

mobile_Apps_graphic It goes without telling that sales of tablets and other smaller devices are on all-time high. While platforms for smartphones ask for extensive work and adjustments, a website can be made tablet-friendly with little changes. Touch interaction is the most distinguishing feature of tablets, and by keeping it in focus, one can get the tablet traffic. So, here are some ideas to make designs that would keep tablet users happy:

Think big for Call-To-Action

When it is the index finger that will do most of the talking, keeping call to action small could be an idea for disaster. Tablets users will not be able to interact with the install, signup or buy button if they will be minuscule. So, thinking big for call to action buttons could work wonders. Ecommerce platforms too experience a lot of traffic from tablets. So, choosing web portal development services with the same in mind can make a great difference.


Think Beyond Hover

Making click able elements with ‘hover’ logic can work against tablet users. Styling text links in such a way that users are able to identify and interact could be a great idea. One should also not hesitate to use underline. The practice will not diminish the experience of a PC user but will certainly add usability factor for the tablet traffic.

Don’t lose Sales & Traffic due to Silly Web Design Mistakes

Make it fit for all Mobile Devices


Think About Readability

Tablets may be bigger than smartphone devices but they are still tiny as compared to PCs. So, it can help if you keep readability on top while deciding the font size. Too small a font will not serve tablet users properly, so choose it carefully. A celebrated online store builder also considers increasing margins between content blocks. This also adds to the readability factor.

In addition to above points, one can also go for bigger form field size. With a little work on these parts of website one can improve usability for tablet users.

Please share your ideas about tablet focused design in comments below.

If you need any assistance to improve your website’s tablet experience or have a question regarding tablet traffic & sales, talk to our design experts & get guaranteed solutions.

eCommerce Website Development – Cost, Benefits & Important features

eCommerce website development can prove quite a complicated task if you don’t know the online store basics. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of eCommerce development first and then talk about the cost.

Important features- You cannot Miss having them!

  1. CMS- Allows you to manage products and make all content changes.
  2. Search Filters- To help customers find relevant things. Important for offering best user experience.
  3. Shopping Cart- Should offer easy payment & easy checkout option.
  4. Price Calculator- To display automatic costing to buyers with shipping charges and available discounts.
  5. Custom Web applications- To automate your business process.
  6. Inventory Management System- Required at the back end for product management & helps merchants know about existing, sold and required stock.
  7. Social Sharing Plugins- Include plugins like twitter, Facebook, Google+ for allowing customers to share information about your product.

Check best known eCommerce websites to learn more such features

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Benefits of eCommerce

  • Deletes your geographical limitations to sell
  • Gives you more customers and higher sales
  • Costs less than Offline store

To earn all these benefits, choose the ecommerce development company that can offer custom treatment and add value to above mentioned features. Once you’re sure you have got the Best eCommerce Website, you just need to invest in marketing strategies to sell your business.

Cost of eCommerce Website Development

Next is the cost of ecommerce website design. The cost depends on your scale of business, as it defines the requirements too. A small ecommerce business can be kick started with an amount as low as $1000. For bigger projects, see eCommerce website packages of medium and large sized websites.

Have a question? Feeling stuck among options? Want to know more?

Use Free Consultation Service of Ably Soft, a leading web design & development company India.  The company owns 10 years of eCommerce web development and offers 360 degree services to run an online business. Talk to its consultants to get relevant answers.

Web design & development Support- A blend of creativity and technical superiority

Creativity adds uniqueness to a website while technical brilliance makes it sustain. Therefore, a web design and development support needs to be such that can offer you both in equal measures.

Thousands of websites are made live every day and many more stay in the pipeline. This rush of websites creates a stiff competition on web due to which many of them do not even reach the users. There can be several factors that affect the online presence of your website but the most common of them are poor usability, low functionality and lack of SEO friendly features etc.


To ensure that a website meets all the requirements that make a business sell, one has to start from the very first phase of design. Ably Soft maintains this rule and guarantees a sale optimized platform. Being in web development for last 10 years, the company has gained noticeable experience in treating different online businesses with its versatility.

See how websites are made special with unique design & planned action

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Ably Soft – Ranked among best website development companies

Ably Soft is ranked amongst the best website development companies of India. It is credited to offer innovative web solutions. The company delivers complete web support to establish, grow and sustain an online business. It is best known for offering customized development at affordable sot. No other company can challenge tis rare combination of expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Our services are recommended by entrepreneurs, who have already worked with us and experienced a clear difference. We create intuitive websites that are not just likeable but functional too. It’s been 10 years that Ably Soft has been known for best website development now. We have created 2000+ online businesses with our technical precision and customized solutions.

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Custom CMS Development Services – The best way to manage a website

Employing custom CMS development services is the best way to manage a website. It makes the task of adding new content easier and gives you the boundless power to delete and update the existing. Without being the knower of hypertext mark-up (HTML), you can organize your website yourself.


Why to have a Content Management system?

  • It saves your time and improves functionality.
  • You don’t need to have technical expertise to handle a CMS based website.
  • It gives your website the most organized structure.
  • The maintenance cost is less as it gets managed by the owner only.
  • A CMS website can be managed from anywhere
  • The content can be made search engine optimized with image & meta tags ( Not all CMS offer this option though)
  • CMS enriches site interactivity and keeps more user engaging capacity

To get all the benefits of it, you need custom CMS development experts who can boost your business possibilities. The cost of professional companies is usually more than justified, so people usually feel forced to employ less skilled developers. To save you from this, Ably Soft has designed three different CMS development packages for different requirements. The specialty of these plans is that they meet the specific business requisites of small and large websites quite affordably.

Check the CMS cost

With best CMS techniques and a highly skilled team of programmers, Ably Soft focuses on creating websites that are search engine friendly and user centric. We make sure that your site is liked by the users as well as Google bots. Our team is known globally for best programing talent and dedicated web support. We offer:

→ Multiple content management options

→ Relief from technical delays & glitches

→ Reliable client support

It is statistically proven that people visit and like that website more, which are updated regularly and CMS meets this standard perfectly. Hence, content management system is a must for all online businesses, especially for establishing an ecommerce store, as it needs day- to- day updating.

Want to take the control of your website?


Responsive Web Design & Development Company India – Ably Soft

Responsive Web Design & Development has become the need of hour and so is the hunt for a Company that offers these services. With massive expansion of technology, the use of smart phones and tablets has touched skies, which brings in more opportunities of sale for you.

To get in touch of target audience, operating through a device except computer, you need a responsive web design. By responsive, we mean a website that is spongy enough to give optimal view on every device, no matter you are viewing it on a big monitor or a tablet screen.

Initially the users were redirected to mobile sites but with the storm of smart phones this turned out to be a tedious job too. With so many devices having multiplicity of options, it is nearly impossible to serve the interests of varied users. To meet this challenge, industry experts suggest going for a responsive design, as it would get adjusted according to each screen on which a viewer opens it.

Highlighting features of a Responsive Web Design

–  It reacts according to users screen.
–  The content, image, Fonts get adjusted as per the resized dimensions.
–  It is convenient to navigate.


Increase sales by reaching out to tablet and mobile users

With internet reaching the nook and corner of this world, online sellers have got a breakthrough to earn more profits online. By the end of 2013, the tablet sales worldwide is expected to go beyond 100 million, which clearly states that prospects of making money by targeting tab users are high.

Similarly, a survey report has revealed that 70% of searches made on mobile phones lead to an action within a span of hour. It indicates that people choose ordering things online, as it gives them the comfort of shopping from wherever they are.

If you are not available to them, they may probably opt for another buyer on WWW and your share of sale will go to another’s kitty. To do away with any such odds, get a website that is easy to use on all devices without making it gruesome for users to operate.

Benefits of Responsive website

  • The automatic adjustment adds to interactivity.
  • A seamless view on small and large screen boosts user experience.
  • The business gets consistently registered in users mind and helps in brand building.
  • It gets easily crawled by Google due to single URL and same HTML.

Thus hiring a Responsive Web Design & Development firm shall be your main concern while developing a business website.

Make it easy for consumers to connect with you online through mobile and tablets

Get a responsive website

Ably Soft has a team of experts, who create websites as per specific business requirements to make it responsive to all screen-size.  Serving long term business goals by engaging visitors on all platforms is the uniqueness we are globally known for.

Best Responsive websites by Ably Soft

Best Ecommerce Website Development Services for Establishing an Online Store

Designing for e-commerce is altogether a different venture than that of other business websites. Creating a user friendly platform for selling products or services becomes a bigger challenge because you have to cater a vast audience with different taste, culture, background and behavior.

Ably Soft is an ecommerce development company that has served more than 2000 projects worldwide in last 9 years. Our ecommerce website development services include conversion focused strategies that are formulated after extensive research and market analysis. We give you well-run technology, high functionality and a responsive design that holds the potential of getting maximum sales.

Ably Soft adds value to e-commerce websites

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 With Ably Soft you get:

  • Custom development
  • Individual attention
  • 1 Year free technical support

Apart from having coding skills on open source ecommerce systems, we have our own ecommerce development system, FATshoppe that integrates a shopping platform with completely customizable and expandable ecommerce solutions. It offers advanced functionality to an online portal, with its effective control over product management and other interactive features.

Know More About FATshoppe Features And Benefits

It is crucial to know first, what your target customers are looking forward to, before designing a website. Hence our e-commerce specialists go through a planned course of action to ensure that we deliver you a high quality in terms of user experience and creativity.

The must-haves of e-commerce:

  • Clear stated details about pricing and shipping
  • Secure payment
  • Product categories listed on homepage
  • Customer support
  • Easy product search features
  • Integration of online shopping cart system

Our design & development process is focused on creating usability. An intuitive design that clearly tells the functions of your website, is the prime need that we fulfill by incorporating interactive features to keep your online visitors engaged. Our experts believe that all the features contribute equally to enhance the interactivity and lead to higher conversions. So center of our efforts and attention is on all your needs regarding product pages, product search, filtration and payment process.

With a team of 50+ professional Ably Soft tops the list of best E-commerce website providers, who make shopping pleasurable for visitors with latest additions, planned action and updated technology.

If you have any query related to E-commerce website creation

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Expert Web Design and Development Company India – Ably Soft

After delivering more than 2000 projects Ably Soft retains the power to craft each of its design in newer and more unique way. With a team of 50+ professionals we offer precision resulted from methodical research and analysis to meet the business objectives of our clients.

What make us an expert web design company?

Ably Soft is a global name in the realm of website creation. Being an expert website design company India, it is dedicated to maintain the quality of services which happens to be USP of the organization.

With us you get:

  1. High quality web design– The quality of web designs created by us is at par with the industrial standards that aim to establish a business as a brand. There is no place for stale and repetitive models. We treat each of our projects as new and apply innovation to make it sell more.

  2. Creative handling– Each of our clients have been benefitted greatly with our designing services and they all trust us till date for both creative and technical excellence. We are driven to serve the best in every way to help you met your business goals.

  3. Sustained communication and timely delivery– We make sure that you get constant support by our project managers to eliminate the risks of mishandling. Keeping you informed about the development is one of the tasks that we accomplish without fail.

  4. Maintenance and post design support– You get the best maintenance support after the site is ready and tested by the experts. Any error or bug if detected is fixed instantly by our team to carry out smooth functioning of the web platform.

Providing best services at affordable prices is one of our concerns that we take care of. Our clients pay us happily for the quality they get.

Ably Soft – The most creative web design agency in India

We believe that creating a website that displays a ‘home’, ‘about us’ and ‘contact’ page is not enough for you to reach your target visitors. Adding an element of uniqueness to present you as not just a website but a “business website” is more important. We follow current trends to make distinct design for you.

Discuss your idea with experts

Our designing team accomplishes this by inventing ways to attract and engage your customers with the use of latest tools and templates. Ably Soft as an expert web development company India renders web design services that are meant to bring more visitors and fetch higher conversions. The list of our contented clients is not less than the projects served by us.  A few of the great works can be explored through our Portfolio.