eCommerce Website Development – Cost, Benefits & Important features

eCommerce website development can prove quite a complicated task if you don’t know the online store basics. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of eCommerce development first and then talk about the cost.

Important features- You cannot Miss having them!

  1. CMS- Allows you to manage products and make all content changes.
  2. Search Filters- To help customers find relevant things. Important for offering best user experience.
  3. Shopping Cart- Should offer easy payment & easy checkout option.
  4. Price Calculator- To display automatic costing to buyers with shipping charges and available discounts.
  5. Custom Web applications- To automate your business process.
  6. Inventory Management System- Required at the back end for product management & helps merchants know about existing, sold and required stock.
  7. Social Sharing Plugins- Include plugins like twitter, Facebook, Google+ for allowing customers to share information about your product.

Check best known eCommerce websites to learn more such features

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Benefits of eCommerce

  • Deletes your geographical limitations to sell
  • Gives you more customers and higher sales
  • Costs less than Offline store

To earn all these benefits, choose the ecommerce development company that can offer custom treatment and add value to above mentioned features. Once you’re sure you have got the Best eCommerce Website, you just need to invest in marketing strategies to sell your business.

Cost of eCommerce Website Development

Next is the cost of ecommerce website design. The cost depends on your scale of business, as it defines the requirements too. A small ecommerce business can be kick started with an amount as low as $1000. For bigger projects, see eCommerce website packages of medium and large sized websites.

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