Google Panda 4.1- How’s it different from last 26 updates?

Google Panda 4.1 is the 27th update that rolled out in the last week of September. The news was confirmed last Sunday through a Google+ post by Pierre Far. A slow rollout has been reported that may take a week at least to put into effect completely.


The search giant seems to have discovered new signals based on user feedbacks & webmasters views and panda 4.1 will evaluate content based on that. The new Panda is believed to have better eye for low quality content. As per the announcement made by Google the update is expected to boost the search engine rankings of small and medium sized sites that offer good quality content.

Around 3-5% queries based on location are affected till now. It’s tough to predict the actual loss and benefit caused by panda 4.1 yet but this list of winners & losers by search metrics gives an overview of immediate impact of the update.

Do you know how Google Panda 4.1 has affected your website?

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As an SEO firm, Ably Soft has analyzed all aspects of the latest Panda update and we view it as a stronger version of Google Panda 4.

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