AblySoft – Designing With Tablet Users in Mind

mobile_Apps_graphic It goes without telling that sales of tablets and other smaller devices are on all-time high. While platforms for smartphones ask for extensive work and adjustments, a website can be made tablet-friendly with little changes. Touch interaction is the most distinguishing feature of tablets, and by keeping it in focus, one can get the tablet traffic. So, here are some ideas to make designs that would keep tablet users happy:

Think big for Call-To-Action

When it is the index finger that will do most of the talking, keeping call to action small could be an idea for disaster. Tablets users will not be able to interact with the install, signup or buy button if they will be minuscule. So, thinking big for call to action buttons could work wonders. Ecommerce platforms too experience a lot of traffic from tablets. So, choosing web portal development services with the same in mind can make a great difference.


Think Beyond Hover

Making click able elements with ‘hover’ logic can work against tablet users. Styling text links in such a way that users are able to identify and interact could be a great idea. One should also not hesitate to use underline. The practice will not diminish the experience of a PC user but will certainly add usability factor for the tablet traffic.

Don’t lose Sales & Traffic due to Silly Web Design Mistakes

Make it fit for all Mobile Devices


Think About Readability

Tablets may be bigger than smartphone devices but they are still tiny as compared to PCs. So, it can help if you keep readability on top while deciding the font size. Too small a font will not serve tablet users properly, so choose it carefully. A celebrated online store builder also considers increasing margins between content blocks. This also adds to the readability factor.

In addition to above points, one can also go for bigger form field size. With a little work on these parts of website one can improve usability for tablet users.

Please share your ideas about tablet focused design in comments below.

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