Amazon Delivery Drones – Get Ready to Receive Orders in 30 Minutes

Amazon is all set to test its delivery drones in India. The service that is expected to deliver goods within 30 minutes at every doorstep will be tested in Mumbai & Bangalore first. The drones will not carry orders above 2.26 kg & are expected to be seen around festive season in October.

Although announced in 2013 by Amazon, the service is likely to get launched by 2015 in USA as FAA’s rules have to be met before that. India has less tough laws to govern civil aviation so for Amazon, India is believably the right place to carry out this testing.

Same day delivery was already a highpoint for Amazon and with this 30 minutes delivery it’s going to raise the bar even higher. With Flipkart expanding its prospects in Indian retail, it’s tough to predict whether Amazon’s move to test delivery drones in India is directly related with easy aviation rules or hints to the brimming ecommerce competition.

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