7 Usability Metrics that define the Success Rate of your Website


It depends on many factors how a technical expert classifies good or bad website based on its usability status. Basically, the idea is to check how easily the users can browse a website.

How would you rate your Website Usability out of ten?

We come across many websites that believe they are doing pretty well on usability grounds but still they struggle to meet their business goals. Such websites are found to be lacking on elementary levels when checked by website analysts and fail to please the visitors.


Follow this checklist of usability metrics to decide where your site stands:

  1. Page Load Time

How quickly your web pages load and serve the purpose of a visitor matters a lot in making him interested in your site. Users expect to fetch information within few seconds of every click whether it’s a video, contact form or product details. If your website fails to offer quickness, it may fail to engage users too.

  1. Navigation

A good navigation is one that does not let users think much about where to go. It must be intuitive so that visitors can easily find all the important sections of a website. This leads to better decision making.

  1. Search Options

Do you offer easy search option to visitors? It must be easily noticeable and have space at least for 25 characters. Although it is essential to offer convenient search box on any page wherever advanced search is required (like blog section) yet it has utmost value for an online store to make product search easy. It may be frustrating for users, if your search bar is not noticeable or fails to handle long tail semantics.

  1. Above the Fold area

This is the area where a user pays most of his attention right after reaching a website. If your top fold does not solve his purpose, he may not like to scroll down. Having a clear and actionable above-the-fold can win 80% of users’ trust instantly. Your above the fold section should clearly handle the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) part for visitors to engage them.


  1. Conversion Funnel

First thing that decides the strength of your conversion funnel is a Call to action. Improper or abundant CTAs reduce your chances to convert a visitor into lead or buyer. A CTA must consist of a strong statement and a well designed button to prompt the visitor to take action (click). Second element that states weakness of a website’s conversion funnel is the inclusion of unnecessary steps. Users do not like to take much pain once they have decided to buy. Your conversion rate cannot go up if you are asking for more information or trying to force any information on them after they click on ‘action button’. 3-4 easy steps are enough for a smart conversion funnel to convert visitors.

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  1. Links

Not just the placement but the color of a website’s links too matter. Usually we notice blue color for links on a page but that’s not a compulsory thing. The prime motive of color & position is to make the links descriptive. If your links stand out on a page they can easily be sited too.

  1. Page Layout

Do you have a different layout for every page? Irregular layout scheme kills uniformity and brings down the usability score of a website. Things like navigation bar, color scheme, typography should be treated unvaryingly to avoid confusion in users.

All the above said elements contribute to website usability equally. So, the businesses meant to meet the business goals while delivering client satisfaction cannot afford to miss any of these standards. Meeting user requirements is the topmost goal of a website and to accomplish this, it has to be perfect from users’ point of view. As design development expert, Ably Soft follows this rule of thumb and specializes in making websites fit for businesses as well as their target audience.

Is your website not performing up to your expectations despite of a good looking design?

Ask for Performance Checkt

Tell us what other problems you face in improving your website performance. Our team will respond to your queries with the needful solutions. If you have something else to add to this post, you can share your opinions below in comments.


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