Infographic: cameras and smartphones in a photography face-off

infographic_15th JulyIn the ongoing battle between cameras and smartphones, which takes better pictures? This infographic reveals all.

Over the past few years, smartphones have come into a realm of their own; offering up some of the best cameras, with the best photo apps out there allowing smartphone users to snap away to their hearts’ content. Here, this infographic pits the two devices against each other to see which way you prefer to capture your memories.

The ‘Camera vs Smartphone’ infographic was created by Treat, with illustrations showcasing a wide range of statistics such as how many photos each person takes on average; what percentage of people are on film or how different the usage behaviour of smartphone camera users compares to that of digital camera owners.

So, does the infographic turn out how you thought it would? As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts – which do you prefer? Digital cameras or smartphones?

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