Consumer Social Sharing Trends 2014

Users share and consume different content depending on the network they’re on. Facebook tends to be the place for politics and family, while Twitter is the natural forum for snappy, real-time topics like news, finance and sports, a new report reveals.‘s Q2 2014 consumer sharing trends study found that, overall mobile devices social sharing activity grew by 19 percent since 1st quarter of 2014. While much of this growth was driven by smartphones, which experienced a 28 percent lift in activity this quarter.
Here are some more highlights from the report:
  • Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest dominate the social web on mobile.
  • Mobile users pin and tweet 3x and 2x as often as desktop users.
  • 75 percent of all Twitter and Pinterest sharing is now on mobile (compared to 50 percent of Facebook sharing).
  • Together, Pinterest and Twitter stole juts over 2 percent of Facebook’s share of social activity last quarter.
  • Channels such as Blogger and Tumblr aslo won this quarter, while email and LinkedIn continure to stagnate.
  • This infographic offers several actionable statistics and facts to help social media marketers and publishers engage their audiences who are sharing on the go.

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