Make your Social Media Presence ‘Special’ not ‘forced’- Successful brands do this

smo_ablysoftThere is a common misbelief that social media presence is all about creating a Facebook page or twitter handle. It’s just a step whereas to get social identification on web. Making your social profiles engaging is the actual technique to achieve desired goals.

Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn profile but no Social Traffic?

The biggest reason why usually businesses lack the ability to get social traffic despite of their business page is their inactive mode. If you have made a page on Facebook but that shows no posts, no status updates on regular basis, then you may not even gets enough likes. The other reason can be the monotony of content sharing as social geeks hunt for newness & interesting stuff.

ablysoft_1To get social traffic one has to fight 2 of the following hurdles that all social media networks put across:

  1. Content decay– Content decay is the paramount reason why there is so much of hustle on all social pages. Whatever you share now becomes dead after few comments and shares. So, continuous activity is important to keep the essence live.
  2. Time decay– The trends keep changing every hour and you have to put up new stuff on board. Those who miss participating at right time; tend to miss the advantage. Every lapse counts for stagnation in your followers/fans list.

Ably Soft social media experts suggest businesses not to make it an obligatory action to share updates for the sake of it. Do it rather for keeping your page live just like an entertainer.

Successful Brands are those which follow consistent approach to engage their users and keep them involved with new & likeable content. You can utilize your social presence most by creating campaigns that encourage user participation. Read how these two brands made it happen:

Just Eat

A leading takeaway service that functions in 13 countries ran a multi-channel campaign and made a TV clipping for that first. Its next step was to engage the online users for which it chose social networks. The story was taken further by prompting people to follow Worrall Thompson’s (TV chef) plight while in confinement via Facebook & Twitter. The result was this: #JUSTEATkidnap got used 1,379 times over a week.

Times Now

The news channel took to twitter for creating user engagement and followed user sentiments carefully right before national election. The group created a buzz with hashtags like #MegaExitPolls, #May16WithArnab, #TimesNowatTimesSquare etc. and kept the conversation on for weeks. The results were unbelievable: 100+ hashtags kept trending throughout the polling season & the channel grossed 3.8 lakh more followers.

These are two different brands of difference scale & audience but both received great results but their reason of successful campaign is common i.e. they made their social presence special & not forced. You can also fetch maximum benefit from social media networks if your promotional strategy is user focused & engaging.

All the big results have some strategic planning behind it, so follow plans that meet your business goals. Send us your queries if you face hard time to use your social media pages for business.


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