Web Design Company goofing up on these basics can never help your business

Every web design company has its own ways to conceptualize and create a website but few norms are fixed and unavoidable. Meeting them is a necessity for every online business and missing them is a loss.

Most of the redesign projects that we get to work on usually lack on common grounds. Web designers tend to work a lot on creating uniqueness and so lose on the customary elements of a business website.

The most common shortcomings of a bad performing website, as per our experience:

1. Loading time of webpages is one the major issues that is ill-treated and so destructs visitors’ interest in a website. Both, too slow and too fast loading speed is risky for a business as one disappoints users and other search engines.

2. Lack of responsiveness is another problem that many of top web design companies tend to overlook at times. They work more enthusiastically on integrating web apps, plugins & making it more attractive. The more you complicate a web design the harder it gets to fit in all devices and if you miss making it responsive you lose great measure of buyers (mobile & smartphone users).

3. Adding SEO perspective is necessary while creating website to make it searchable. Right use of tags and following Google guidelines is utterly important but if your website designers have missed implementing that then you have got to pull back.

4. Needless scrolling that puts off users interest and dissolves engagement is the most common thing these days. It’s not necessary to offer long pages every time as users find it tiring at times to scroll for each little thing. Appropriateness of content that you wish to put on a page defines how long it may be.

It’s not all but there are many such concerns which online marketers face time & again due to ignorance of web design companies. If you want to save your business from aforesaid errors then look for an agency that has experience in dealing with all spheres of a website (SEO, conversion, UX, marketing etc.) Only a complete web solution provider can give pleasing, usable as well as business focused website.

Being known for versatility in website development, Ably Soft proposes you to go for a website analysis or expert consultation for fixing issues that may be dropping your sales without your knowledge.

Don’t miss the chance to woo visitors – Choose ‘Smart’ instead of ‘top’ web Designers


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