Small Business Website Design Builder – Free or paid, which one is better?

Choosing a small business website design builder that’s free is not wise if you are doing it to save your cost. Focusing on cost can spoil your business goal, so compare both options viz. free & paid before making a choice.


Ask yourself why you need a website and what’s your motive? Is it sales, or online presence? Get answers to these questions and then check if free website design builders can meet your requirement without charging you for it.

Here are the famous Website design builders for small business websites:

Many people pick free website design builders for small businesses as an easy option to start but regret later due to their limited functionality. They do not know that free website design tools also charge you if you try getting better features, so it finally cost you as much as any professional company would charge for its services.

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To grow your business you need a website that is liked by visitors and can convert them too. A free tool fails to offer custom design and lacks SEO friendliness.

Why Custom treatment is must for Small Business Websites? 

Custom Web designs are not meant for big websites only.  A small website too has a purpose and need user-engaging features, even if you have as less as 5 pages on your website.

How much a Custom Web Design costs Small Businesses? 

It does not cost high. Small business websites have limited page requirements thus the final cost of web design can be as low as $450.

A custom web design with 10 pages can be made for $1000

Check package

You can Request a Quote also if you have other requirements. We will discuss it with you and offer a quote according to your website needs.


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