Use explainer videos to get new customers and increase sales

Explainer videos are the latest form of content marketing that make a message more impactful. Creating a video is hundred times more engaging than simple text displayed on your web pages because visitors connect with it more than anything else.

An explainer video helps you introduce your brand in a fun & interesting way.  A visitor needs an instant overview of your services, when he lands on your site.  By packaging your business identity in a two minute video, you give visitors, a chance to get a first impression that prompts them to explore more about you.

Here are few other benefits of engaging explainer videos:

1.     Lowers down bounce rate

When a visitor is redirected to your home page, and leaves instantly, it’s your website appeal that has got to do something with it. It probably lacks user engagement, due to which the visitors leave it and the bounce rate goes up. Having a video engages them well and makes them stay on your page.


2.     Grabs visitors attention

Videos score more on attention grabbing scale. No other form of content, whether images or text can fetch user attention so quickly and as easily as a video can. It’s an ongoing trend to watch and share videos that is why people tend to click on ‘play’ button, wherever they see it.

3.     Improves conversion rate 

By making your videos available on a site, you open prospects for higher conversion rate. People who have seen your video are more familiar with your brand and if it’s impressive, they make a purchase too. A convincing story told in the visual form of explainers, has maximum possibility to convert visitors into buyers, which ultimately improves conversion rate.


4.     Interacts with visitors 

Explainer videos are more interactive and gain more popularity because a creative script combined with attractive motion pictures appeal more than still images. Hence, the interest of online visitors too, gets doubled when they get to know you through explainer video

5.     Gets better rankings on Google

Videos are shareable and thus get more importance by search engine crawlers too.  Google sees value in a content that is shared or mentioned by users. On the basis of shares, it believes that the shared content is offering good user experience hence rates it above other things. Since videos top the content chart when it comes to popularity, they are ranked above in search engines too. 


Making your content valuable is the need of hour, when Google is keeping an eagle eye on search quality. In the midst of all this, videos happen to be the latest trend that meets user expectations and therefore generates more sales.

Make your conversions double by converting more visitors into buyers

Get explainer videos



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