Google’s Matt Cutts latest video on link spamming- Disavow links or not ?

Matt Cutts responded to a query in his latest video regarding Google link spamming penalty and talked about, “How can a site recover from a period of spamming links?”

In a reply to Adeel from Manchester, Matt revealed, why and how Interflora got freed of its penalty within 11 days.Since the company had gone through rigorous process of disavowing links that cost them ofrankings, Google responded to this big step of theirs by removing penalty.

It’s a spam in Google’s view, if you are seen heavily indulging in buying and selling of links. Google decides according to webmasters rules,which sites are violating the guidelines and takesstrong action against them.

Matt Cutts has cleared in the video that it does not imply that you disavow all the links in some anticipation. Instead disavow the bad or paid links by using domain level option.

So, the crux is that if you too have been penalized for bad links, then just take a fresh start by either disowning all (if in your power) or just taking off the paid ones. Google will reconsider your request both ways.


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