Google Chrome Apps that can be used offline

The answer to why Google chrome is a fad among apps lovers is straight & simple- You cannot miss the comfort. This app store braces your desktops with some amazing applications that can be used offline too and for web centric people it’s a treat to savor. Considering all these facts, we have created here, a list of best chrome apps that users love to download:

Chrome Web Store - Popular


Here is an offline text editor for all you, who are quite involved in blogging. Writebox gives writers & bloggers,aneasy way to manage their work. With it, you can load documents, sync with Dropbox and save whatever you write.

Gmail Offline

It is one of the best apps thatenableyou to work offline.Gmail Offline lets you check inbox, reply message even when your internet is not working. The messages you compose offline get saved in outbox and are sent, as soon as you get online.  To get this email focused experience, just go to new tab after installing the app and simply click on the Gmail offline icon.

My chrome theme

Youcan use this app to personalize your browser and create chrome themes. For this, you only need to have saved images in your system and rest is a game to play. It helps you with everything whether you want to adjust size or add color. In the updated version 2, more color options and theme making functions are added, this is why ‘My chrome theme’tops the list of apps download.

Chrome Web Store collection_offline


For Twitter lovers, SocialBro is a tool that helps in managing your tweet community. With its CRM dashboard, you get to analyze your social media community through analytics reports. It also simplifies competitor analysis, tracks follow &unfollow, gives list management, filters etc. For businesses, it helps targeting right audience, monitor hashtags and keywords. Those who seek smoother activities, download it for better experience.


For reading buffs, Pocket is a perk to rejoice.  You can save stuff including blogs, videos to view later.  If you are the one who keeps finding, bookmarking or saving new articles on web, here is the app to streamline your reading trouble. Just put everything in pocket and read later even when internet is off. With automatic sync, you can view the saved items anywhere anytime from tablets, phones or computer.

Google keep

Whatever goes around or strikes your mind, just catch and save it there with Google keep. The information you save through this app can be easily recalled through organized segments. It’s a must to have, if you are installing apps for android because everything you store here gets synced with android app too and you can access that without a connection. It has varied functions that make ‘saving’ a delight, like checkboxes, note personalizing, time reminders etc.

All of us have taken our web life so seriously that it is obvious to depend on internet in every situation but it creates a discomfort, when you cannot access things due to network error or server failure. Download Google chrome apps for pc phones and tablets to save you from suchfrustrating moment and feel connected.

For checking out more Google apps, extensions, utilities explore Google chrome apps store


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