Google Maps powered with New ‘Embed Map’ & ‘railway-airports’ feature

  • What new embed feature has to offer

You can connect your business with users by using Google Maps embedding feature. Just opt for new Google maps and tell people how to reach your store or it can be used for directing people to an event too.  It will work quite like a whole website as you can set the map in a site and display selected location.


This embed feature is not completely out yet as one would have to ‘opt it’ for it. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Go to new Google maps
  2. On the top right find – Link to this page
  3. Select code in the box that says, ‘Paste HTML to embed in website’

This is not all about new embedding feature but Google has also announced to roll out ads supported embedded maps option in near future. That will make the ads appear on maps in a different color.

  • How street view is better with railway stations and airports feature?

Google street view had already been offering the ease of checkinga location while sitting at home but this new update will add an array of railway stations and airports to it. Around 16 airports, above 50 train stations, the inner of Emirates Airbus A380 at Dubai Airport, Tokyo International Airport and one of Hong Kong car stations have already been added to Google maps. For travelers it is going to be even simpler now to use maps while travelling.

View Larger Map

These Google Map features are expected to increase user’s reach and thus look considerably good for businesses too.


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