Best Open Source Platforms to create eCommerce Websites

There is a bundle of open source platforms that you may find for starting your eCommerce. All of them have different features and benefits to offer, so making a choice without making a comparison can be a loss.

Here are the best eCommerce platforms that can be chosen to develop an online store. On the basis of your business needs you can opt for any of the following:

-> Magento

Being one of the fastest developing eCommerce services, Magento owns appreciable place in the list of open source platforms. It has two editions viz. enterprise and community. The first one is a premium edition and second is free.

Magento_eCommerce-> Prestashop

Prestashop comes in direct competition with Magento for its innumerable features. It has 310 plus features and 2500 modules and templates to offer. This is why, more than 150, 000 online stores including small and large businesses have used it by now.


-> osCommerce

It’s a free open source platform that is valued for offering best user experience. osCommerce is under  GNU General Public LIcence(GPL) and serves to user needs very well. It was started in March 2000 and has been used by over 228,700 online stores till now.


-> Open Cart eCommerce Platform

Another popular eCommerce Platform to build an online store is Open cart. With this, you can sell limitless products worldwide, while accessing various currencies. Using multiple languages and picking over 20 payment and 8 shipping methods is possible with Open Cart eCommerce system. Another main highlight is that it is user-friendly and search-engine-friendly and it helps you to appear on Google. Customers can even review and rate the items you sell. OpenCart


2 thoughts on “Best Open Source Platforms to create eCommerce Websites

  1. Hi Rajneeshmax,

    Looking information regarding to top open source eCommerce platform. I found your blog such this blog included great websites who have ability to give the customer flexible services as well as enhance their sales.

    Rebecca Smith

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