Best Twitter Marketing Strategies

With an average of 58 million tweets every day, twitter statistics is compelling businesses worldwide to employ marketing strategies for better user engagement. Twitter is a real time communication platform where people come every minute to discover new things, which makes marketing and promotion easier. Here is an account of the best strategies that will help you make the best of twitter:

Watch out trends:- Keeping an eye on trends help you know which topics are being talked about more in the real-time. Find out industry specific topics from trends appearing in search and see what people are responding to most. To fetch higher user engagement Tweet further, on the stuff that is being most communicated. You can add worth to your 140 characters that you share by using promoted trends to endorse your brand or events.

Utilize Retweets and mentions:- If you are giving a relevant external source to your followers by retweeting, they will build trust in you. The post coming from trusted links, if retweeted, helps you get the benefit in SERPs too. Similarly when you mention someone with good base of followers or a big name that is received well by search engines too, then too it helps in expanding your web presence.

Select who to follow:- Who to follow on twitter and who not is the question of concern for you, if you want to grow your brand’s online connectivity. Look for peers who fall in your business collaborations, for instance partners, clients, suppliers etc. Even following competitors who are rated the best in the industry is of great value, as they keep you near their followers too, via tweets and mentions. Apart from this you must add authoritative professional organizations relevant to your business to get nearer your target audience.

Make use of Hashtags:- Use hash tags, to make your post rule a twitter discussion. It is the best and proven way of driving users and encouraging more participation.  Hash tags (#) help your tweet reach beyond the limited sphere of your followers and make it viral. Just using two or three hash tags can solve you purpose, if you choose the most searchable terms in your message.

Tweet smart:- Make sure that whatever you share is retweet able so that your business gets more visibility. The very first thing to make this happen on this micro blogging site is to talk about followers’ interest more than your business. Secondly, you must learn the semantics being used excessively on twitter ground, to connect with the users. Learning twitter terminology is a must for tweeting smartly. Avoid tweets that look terribly self-promoting.

Connect blog and other social networking sites to twitter:- Twitter acts as a powerful tool marketing if you plan your social media strategies considerably.  Hence, the most important of twitter marketing tactics is to connect your twitter profile with your other social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Just connecting will not serve the purpose until you maintain the quality of content being shared on all of your social profiles because the credibility and quality of one page affects the other’s as much as the traffic of each domain benefits you.

Use Newly Launched Custom Timeline to Enhance Your Twitter Appeal

Using custom timeline, the latest feature of twitter, you can make your profile more engaging. You can give a name to your timeline and select the best tweets which you want your followers to read and leave the ones you don’t want to. Especially, when something is trending beyond fire on twitter and lots of views are being circulated on that, you can share what demonstrates your individuality.


You can make yourself appear as unique as you want. This new twitter timeline gives completely a new look to your tweets and can be created manually as well as programmatically. If you exhibit your business with this custom display, it can add credits to your sharing and establish your brand identity.

For better utilization of your twitter marketing strategies, keep a close watch on how user reacts to your tweets as well as the changes that take place on this platform.


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