What are the Best Link Building Strategies to Avoid Google Penalty?

For Link building strategies that can boost your web presence and rank you well in search engines, you first need to understand how Google reacts towards various links. It is a bygone event when creating a net of links on maximum directories worked for better rankings. The new link building techniques that work in 2013 are powered with quality and relevance. Before we discuss more on this, let us unveil few facts behind the most requested query:

Has the role of link building changed after Penguin Update?

Link building seemed as a washout to many, after the penguin update popped in but in reality nothing has changed except the way you treat it. Google has become more vigilant towards links but not degraded the value of links. In fact you can strengthen your SEO by applying more qualitative link building tactics now. It is dead for those who indulged in link farming but still rewarding for those, who know the current trends.

Link building is never going to disappear from the search backdrop despite of the frequent Algorithm changes

These days, itis more about popularizing your website and making it available on all possible and relevant places, so the strategies that you use for it must focus on your overall web presence.

Yes, it has certainly changed, not the goal but its form. You cannot expect to get ranked really well by Google in spite of having too many links, if they come from low quality directories, because they count no more. Target instead high quality directories because Google welcomes links if they come from credible source.


Link building strategies to follow:

At Ably Soft, while devising a link building plan, our efforts are centered to find out the most relevant spots for a website, which can bring in most valuable traffic. Our professionals recommend following tactics to improve web presence through links:

Engage in Guest Blogging– Invite guest bloggers and do guest blogging on relevant sites. By allowing experienced and well-known guest authors, you will get more leads and traffic when their followers share the content. Also when they write on your platform, they link it to their works from past that had already been received well by search engines, which adds to your link building strategies. Similarly, you can get your content published on credible websites as guest blogger and refer to your published work by linking to it, as Google considers authoritative websites more than anything else. All you need to be cautious about is the targetdomain where content is being posted.

Use Social media networks – By targeting relevant social networking sites you can get important leads. These domains are displayed more in Search engine result pages because they are trusted more and have great deal of traffic. It means that, all the links that you share through youtube, pinterest, facebook or twitter have better search prospects.


Do Internal linking – When you connect pages internally they not only help you decrease the bounce rate but make your website get crawled easily too. Internal links prove most convenient and profitable because you have complete control over this, so link your internal pages to get ranked higher by search engines.

Make your outbound links count- The external links in SEO has become more important post penguin update. Google pays high value to outbound links in SERPs, if they belong to trusted websites. It is somehow challenging too, if you are giving a link to your competitors but having its own merits, this method is adopted greatly to improve search engine rankings.

The basic Principle of link building in 2013 is to build connections by means of appropriate places on web. Hence, paying attention towards quality instead of placing links haphazardly is the need of hour.

Improve your search engine rankings by applying Modern Link building techniques

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