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Responsive Web Design & Development has become the need of hour and so is the hunt for a Company that offers these services. With massive expansion of technology, the use of smart phones and tablets has touched skies, which brings in more opportunities of sale for you.

To get in touch of target audience, operating through a device except computer, you need a responsive web design. By responsive, we mean a website that is spongy enough to give optimal view on every device, no matter you are viewing it on a big monitor or a tablet screen.

Initially the users were redirected to mobile sites but with the storm of smart phones this turned out to be a tedious job too. With so many devices having multiplicity of options, it is nearly impossible to serve the interests of varied users. To meet this challenge, industry experts suggest going for a responsive design, as it would get adjusted according to each screen on which a viewer opens it.

Highlighting features of a Responsive Web Design

–  It reacts according to users screen.
–  The content, image, Fonts get adjusted as per the resized dimensions.
–  It is convenient to navigate.


Increase sales by reaching out to tablet and mobile users

With internet reaching the nook and corner of this world, online sellers have got a breakthrough to earn more profits online. By the end of 2013, the tablet sales worldwide is expected to go beyond 100 million, which clearly states that prospects of making money by targeting tab users are high.

Similarly, a survey report has revealed that 70% of searches made on mobile phones lead to an action within a span of hour. It indicates that people choose ordering things online, as it gives them the comfort of shopping from wherever they are.

If you are not available to them, they may probably opt for another buyer on WWW and your share of sale will go to another’s kitty. To do away with any such odds, get a website that is easy to use on all devices without making it gruesome for users to operate.

Benefits of Responsive website

  • The automatic adjustment adds to interactivity.
  • A seamless view on small and large screen boosts user experience.
  • The business gets consistently registered in users mind and helps in brand building.
  • It gets easily crawled by Google due to single URL and same HTML.

Thus hiring a Responsive Web Design & Development firm shall be your main concern while developing a business website.

Make it easy for consumers to connect with you online through mobile and tablets

Get a responsive website

Ably Soft has a team of experts, who create websites as per specific business requirements to make it responsive to all screen-size.  Serving long term business goals by engaging visitors on all platforms is the uniqueness we are globally known for.

Best Responsive websites by Ably Soft


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