Ideas For Small Business Websites

Small business websites usually have few pages and fewer items to display but this doesn’t mean that they can get away by making design mistakes. Humble businesses also have to be careful with small but critical website details and if heed is not paid, then, damage could be glaring. Below are some of the ideas that small business websites often forget to take care of but are very crucial in their essence.


A website that doesn’t communicate with the user is neglecting a very important area. Warnings, confirmations and other type of messages is a great way to interact with the user. I have very often come across forms that refuse to accept the submitted fields but doesn’t even highlight where the mistake is occurring. To avoid such instances, one has to think the actions through which user might interact and plan the messages accordingly.
Arranging for large screens

Computer screens are getting bigger and websites for small businesses also need to prepare for them. While some backgrounds are undemanding, others have gradients, patterns and imagery; the same make them difficult to work smoothly on large screens. Hence, it is part of a designer’s job to plan ahead for big screens. If such arrangements are not made, a lot of space will remain unutilized and it will certainly not give a professional feel.

Page Stretching

A client will not always be happy with the way his website looks; from time to time, requests will be made to make additions in one or the other field. Taking the same in consideration, it is better to keep the element of page stretching. Design should allow for addition in content too. Seasoned companies rendering corporate web design services pay great attention to such details.

Website emails

A website needs to convey information to the user at different stages. This information is mostly related to confirmations and sometimes also password. While not all website need to communicate through emails, it is a necessity for the ones that ask for registration or signup. So, one need to pay attention to the email part in case of sign-up confirmation, form completion confirmation, order verification and password related issues. Branding is something that should be paid special attention in emails; email marketing template is also a field worth exploring. If as a small business website owner, you think that here is no need of email related communication, then, think about when your business will grow and ask for it.

Planning for tooltips and pop-ups

The mentioned two elements very easily escape the mind of a novice designer. Those who don’t know, tooltips are the small text pop-ups that appear when one hover over some elements. Tooltips doesn’t normally appear in every element. Lightbox is another area that needs to be addressed in terms of animation.

So, these are some areas which small business websites can attend to attain a professional feel. Small business web design services are availed by entrepreneurs to put the best foot forward and lay groundwork for long term prospects.

AblySoft Private Limited is a expert website design company that helps small business in achieving enviable presence on web. Besides designing, it also offers development, SEO and reputation services to its global client base.


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