Banner Blindness – Meaning, Symptoms and Cure

Banner Blindness : When a web user turns a blind eye to give attention to anything that remotely resembles a banner, banner blindness …

Web users have some inherent peculiarities that usually don’t show up in their day to day life. One such odd practice or should we say habit has been amusingly termed as banner blindness. The disease is so chronic amongst web users that it has forced companies offering professional banner designing services in advertisement field to think deeply about it. So, let first understand what banner blindness is all about.Banner Design Services

Meaning and Symptoms:

When a web user turns a blind eye or refuses to give attention to anything that remotely resembles a banner, it is termed as banner blindness. The condition is rather serious because it happens at a subconscious level as internet users carry the mindset that web banners usually carry advertisements that doesn’t concern them. It is fatal because even after spending money on best graphic design services and advertising, results don’t come.

It is prevalent in all the age groups and became the nightmare of online advertising some years ago. Thankfully, some sharp minds have found a way to avoid the gruesome banner blindness.

Cure :

While there are a number of techniques popular to cure the condition, below discussed ones are most accepted amongst designers.

    • Create a Master Banner– Banners usually give away their appeal because of their average appeal. To make sure that it gets the deserved attention, you have to make sure that it is a masterpiece with attention grabbing elements. If you succeeded in making a banner that will stand out with looks more appealing than the website itself, then you have surely succeeded. A seasoned banner design company uses following points to create such distinguished works;
      • Catchy words- Free, new, sale and discount are some words that mostly achieve the purpose of grabbing attention of masses. The same can work in favor of the banner also. It is a time tested formula and delivers most of the time. However, if you wish for an element of surprise, then there are plenty of options worth exploring with graphics and images.
      • Funny works- A smile hurts no one and in this fast paced world, no one lets a funny moment pass. So, depicting something that provokes hilarity in the viewer’s mind could be a great idea. If you can keep the banner funny along with conveying the message of the client, then it will certainly be a home run.

Availing custom graphic design services from a seasoned design player mostly covers above underlined points.

  • No-banner Illusion- This is a sure shot medicine for banner blindness. No-banner illusion works when you are keeping the aesthetics of the banner in such a way that it gels perfectly with the website to become its part. This can be accomplished by keeping the graphics limited and focusing on text. However, to perfectly execute the no-banner feel, one needs to focus a lot on the website it will be used in.

So, this was all about banner blindness and how one can cure it to dominate the banner space.


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