SEO Friendly Website Design Considerations

Factors in Designing an SEO Friendly Website : Results are better if one considers SEO at the time of designing only. Following are the points that could be paid heed to take SEO and designing…


There is no dearth of websites on internet. If user runs a query, tens of thousands results are returned by search engines. Accepted that only first two-three pages are usually referred by users but still, one cannot neglect the competition those twenty or more links offer. Hence, for better visibility, a website needs assistance of search engine optimization. Results are better if one considers SEO at the time of designing only. Following are the points that could be paid heed to take SEO and designing along to create sound websites.

Determine Keywords

  • This has to be the very first thing if a website wishes to start responding to SEO searches as early as possible. Keywords are the search terms that web users feed in the search bar to look for whatever they are interested in. Some terms are quite popular while other attracts less traffic. Hence, you need to decide which keywords you will be targeting through your website. This needs to be done while pages of content are being made so that they could be included. Forgetting keywords inclusion and then returning back to change structuring and internal elements is going to be a long tiring process. So, do it first thing.


  • A website cannot be called SEO optimized if it hasn’t paid attention to the navigation part. Best website design is the one that helps bots in crawling through it and that is only possible by having a pro internal linking structure. To achieve the same, having buttons and links that are text based could be of great help. Labeling the links and doing it correctly is also as important. To put it simply, make a crawler’s work simple and it would reward you.

Social Media Integration 

  • Power of social media is only growing with the passage of time. Sharing of information on social platforms could bring mind-boggling traffic to a website. Hence, integrating social media buttons only benefits a website in the long run. Also, a social media integration benefits from SEO point of view as it creates another area through which a website could be optimized. A company that has official Facebook page and also takes Twitter updates into consideration on its website has many options to explore. In short, there is no reason why you should not discuss social media with your web design company.

URL and Image File Names

  • Anything bots consider worth crawling works in favor of the website only. Keeping the same in consideration, URL’s of different web pages could be named in a way to represent what it contains rather than a combination of numerals, question marks and hash symbols. Same is true in case of images also. If a person chooses to use Google images to look for certain types of images, file names play a crucial role in rendering results. A competent web design company would surely approve the point.

So, these are most basic points that one can take into consideration to take SEO along while designing. Keeping the above points in mind will only minimize changes later on, agues AblySoft.


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