What May Rule the Web Design Future?

Crystal balls and sorceresses are not the only ones that can peep into the future. The task of predictability is possible if one has a clear knowledge of the present. The same is true on the field of web design also. Keeping in mind the present possibilities and advancements, we have drawn a list of practices that may rule the future of web design. So, here we head to the future.

Image Slide-shows

Well, if you browse the web half as much as we do, you must have come across the slideshows craze. Image galleries are a thing of the past and websites are being invaded by slideshows. Along with visual delight to the visitor, the factor also gives webmasters the opportunity to put in front what matters the most. This may include content, inner pages, testimonials, demos, portfolios or just awe inspiring images. So, speaking of slideshow as one of the most powerful tools would not attract scorns from best website design companies.

Power of CSS3 and HTML 5

Verdict has been given about Flash and as expected it is not in its favor. Its incompatibility with mobile platforms and unfriendly search engine nature has been hindering its popularity from a long time. However, it was hanging around due to the unavailability of any major graphic and language tool but with the arrival of CSS3 and HTML 5, things are up for a change. Though the duo doesn’t offer all the capabilities of Flash, they are being embraced by web designers because of the flexibility it offers. It may soon start dominating a Online portfolio because of the advantages it offers in creating flexible websites.

Typography Revolution

This was bound to happen, for how much a person can take of Times New Roman and Verdana. Websites are ditching popular fonts to experiment with new ones to give their visitors an experience worth remembering. Type kit and Google Web Fonts are leading the trend by offering font libraries to powder the face of web. All one has to do is visit a font library, pick up a font code and put it in one’s site code. But there are precautions to be taken; ask the best website design company and it would suggest of giving reference of each font when declaring it in CSS font-family properties. So, one can be part of the typography revolution by taking into consideration some simple elements.


There is no way one could not have come across one of them while existing in the web world. Info graphics are pleasant to go through, are precise and feeds bundles of information with a quick glance. No wonder they are being preferred from lengthy articles by information mongers on the web. It can work magic for a website by bringing in fresh traffic and if the info graphic serves the right purpose, there is a lot more on the way. However, one has to make sure that data being rendered is correct and backed by surveys or research studies. Ask a web design company India or anyone for that matter and you will get the same word of caution.

Well, these are the points that are expected to rule the web design future. And the word for web designing companies is ‘watch out’!

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